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Vendor assist, pre and post deal services and assistance

We give you a solid support throughout all the pre-sale phases, during the data migration and the transfer of pre and post-acquisition business processes

A comprehensive approach between business procedures and functions with their internal processes, the alignment of the accounting information, the definition of strategic and cost-efficient approaches are all key factors to the management of buy and sell operations or to the reorganisation of groups and firms.

Disclosing the outcome of a deal at the right moment helps protect the share price. Our approach to the vendor due diligence is independent and well-balanced. On one side, we know that the vendors have to control the process and to protect the share price; on the other side the buyers and their funders need a solid and independent report. Vendor due diligence is beneficial as it offers:

  • to the ownership: confidentiality, management and control of information, preliminary analysis of all potential critical areas, identification of the main drivers of the to maximize the aspects, credibility of the information transmitted to buyers;
  • to the management: efficient collection of information, comparison and identification of the most important aspects of business and economic data, maximization of financial and non-financial information, already elaborated by management
  • to the stakeholders: availability of a comprehensive report on the Target or Group, evidence of strengths and weaknesses by a third party, reliable database, reduction of negotiation times.

Our wide experience, in audit, monitoring as well as accounting peculiarities of companies and groups, facilitates pre and post transaction migration processes. In the same way, the creation of synergies and processes integrated in the preliminary phases allows a cost savings, often appreciable, in the phases following the transaction, phases in which buyers or sellers need support in the internal reorganization.

Planning the financial reporting and defining the administrative structure during the pre-deal phase

Defining a successful internal financial and accounting reporting is vital to win a deal, both for the buy and sell processes. Our team will assist you with this matter by offering highly readable products for everyone.

Vendor side accounting and organisational assistance

From the vendor point of view, the assistance and the control of the data to be given to the buyer play an essential role to create value and to sustain the transaction values. Our technical assistance helps the companies give correct and consistent data to buyers and vendors during the negotiation.

Support and definition of the main actions to take during the post-deal phase

Our team, specialized in GAAP assistance and accounting organization, will be able to assist you in this phase of change with elaboration of action plans that adapt to your structure and your needs.