Aligning IT architecture with business objectives and processes is essential to achieving business results.

A company's IT architecture and management are two critical factors that can transform how the organisation presents itself to the market, provides products and services, and exploits new opportunities to remain and be competitive.

Our over thirty years of experience allows us to assist and support business definition and organisation processes with integrated services and dedicated consultancy, working and communicating with each area to optimise every action.

soluzioni di calcolo e storage ria grant thornton

Computing and storage solutions  

We provide computing and storage solutions that allow you to archive and optimise data for secure, rapid and always available access based on business needs.  


virutalizzazione mid-range ria grant thornton

Mid-range virtualisation  

We offer mid-range virtualisation solutions to address rapidly evolving business needs that require speed, flexibility and scalability. Virtualisation solutions are designed and configured to suit the IT ecosystem in which they are applied.  

noleggio workstation mobile desktop ria grant thornton

Workstation and mobile rental  

We deal with the supply and management of the rental of IT equipment and devices to always have the latest generation equipment, reduced management and maintenance costs and fully guaranteed assistance.  

We are also Business Partners of Dell, Fortinet and Lenovo to ensure our clients receive innovative offers and the latest technologies to create new opportunities and growth for their business, thanks also to our high-level support and assistance.


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