Ria Grant Thornton, an auditing and accounting firm, is a member firm of Grant Thornton International, one of the leading audit and consultancy organisations, present in more than 150 countries with 73,000 professionals.

In Italy it brings together over 270 professionals, including 22 partners and 3 attorneys, in 15 offices, and offers a wide range of services to public and private companies in all market sectors.

Our international organisation promotes a common global vision that rewards “thinking” on a global scale and targeted “action” at local level.

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We want to be part of your success and invite you to be part of ours.

We address dynamic, growing and continuously developing companies because we ourselves are a dynamic and constantly evolving organisation. Grant Thornton member firms around the world measure the level of satisfaction of their clients on an annual basis and, in relation to industry reference standards, the Net Promoter Score™ (satisfaction index calculated on the basis of a relationship between a company and a client company) calculated on Grant Thornton clients from all over the world, identifies a high degree of satisfaction.

We want to be part of your success and invite you to be part of ours.

Grant Thornton is organised to react immediately to the needs and problems of our clients. We have the ability to make decisions at a local level, rather than being able to take action to resolve different problems through a complex organisation.

Transparency Report

Transparency Report 2022 pursuant to Article 13 of Regulation (EU) No. 537/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 April 2014.

Go Beyond

Grant Thornton enters a new era, reflecting its commitment to providing tailored services, always with business needs as a priority.

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