Ria Grant Thornton, as a member of the international Grant Thornton network, provides you with an international audit service, whether you are a subsidiary of foreign holdings or have shareholdings in foreign companies.

An expert team tailored to the individual characteristics of the business will offer their experience to you, as well as their advice on the best practices to apply. By ensuring you are promptly informed about problems or changes in accounting standards, you will be able to avoid last-minute surprises and implement any necessary corrections in good time.

The auditors of the companies belonging to the Grant Thornton network combine vast international experience with technical skills. Each member of Grant Thornton International is an independent national business. Although Grant Thornton International is organised into memberships of independent firms, its affiliated firms are united in sharing and using common standards and methodologies, ensuring the same high-quality service to clients wherever they choose to do business.

Working across a wide range of industrial and non-industrial sectors, Grant Thornton network firm partners and managers bring specific expertise to each audit service they provide to their clients.