Investments in research and development are fundamental for boosting the profitability and competitiveness of businesses. Training is one of the key tools for focusing on quality and innovation: it allows us to extend the skills of human capital while looking to the future of our community and of the country.

The objective is to enable the development of new knowledge and continuously improve that already possessed, to steer attitudes, support motivation and promote the ability to take action and compete in positive social relationships which, for this very reason, require specific skills and professionalism.

Every year Ria GT organises a national event on training which brings together the associates and employees of the company's 15 offices in an enjoyable training environment with the contributions of professionals, teachers and speakers with forty years of experience and the global approach of our international network.

Fabrizio Perego

Partner & Training Manager

Fabrizio Perego


Fabrizio has been auditing since 2000 and is Principal of the Milan Office.
He is responsible for auditing the financial statements prepared in accordance with Italian GAAP, IAS/IFRS and US GAAP, of national and international companies.
He has experience in the manufacturing, distribution, retail, service, construction and Non-Profit industries.


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