We support the company in always maintaining efficient processes and being competitive on the market.

Our experience allows us not only to provide solutions that respond to individual needs, but also to develop new ones to support the evolution of the business. We develop software tailored to the business processes of companies and their people, starting from listening to the needs that are not reflected in solutions already on the market.

Each project involves a team, us and the Client, who take charge of the requirement and work together, side by side, to develop a unique solution, tailored to the client's needs.

We can structure projects of different complexity that focus on performance, stability and reliability.

Each project is structured into different phases involving the Client step by step:

Project analysis

Before starting the project, we proceed with a needs analysis, evaluating the needs and examining the processes involved, in order to suggest changes and/or improvements.

Ongoing development

We start the development of the project, scheduling regular meetings with the Client to show the progress of the development and to make the necessary corrections to ensure that the quality and efficiency of the final product is tailored to requests.

Testing & Debugging

Before being put on-line, the product undergoes numerous tests to verify its correct functioning. The Client is also involved in this phase to collect reports and feedback.

Delivery and Assistance

We develop the software, but we continue to assist the customer also in the post-development phase. Not only for the efficient implementation of the product, but also for the maintenance of the service and any changes.


Business software

  • software circolarizzazione


    The web application for managing circularisation letters that makes it possible to quickly and intuitively track every phase of the information collection process: from sending requests, to consulting files with archiving and logs, through to external confirmations.

  • software time reporting grant thornton blue


    Intuitive and simple web application that allows the company to monitor the working hours of each employee for an accurate analysis of the time spent on each client, order and related expenses.

  • Software Conflict Check Grant Thornton Blue


    Our web application allows rapid and intuitive control in the preventive detection of conflicts in new assignments thanks to workflow monitoring and efficient management of practices.

  • Software File Portal Grant Thornton Blue


    A web space dedicated to the company where you can group documents and files relating to company processes and policies with different levels of authorisation for managing uploads, modifications and downloads.