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Our network gives our employees and associates the opportunity to work, for a period of time, in Grant Thornton member firms in other countries around the world, an opportunity that allows for considerable professional and personal growth in an international context like ours.

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The opportunity to work on a global scale

At Grant Thornton we accompany and support the professional growth of our employees with international programmes in collaboration with all network member firms, not only through cross-border projects, but also with stints in other offices.

Dedicated Growth Programmes
  • Senior Leadership Programme: addresses CEOs and leaders in senior strategic positions and is ideal for whoever is about to take on a leadership role within a board of directors, an office or a company. This global programme offers transformational leaders the opportunity to better understand themselves as leaders, their leadership journey to date, and how they will influence the global brand and culture and future of their company. Participants will have access to new thinking, leadership theory and strategic frameworks from a leading academic institution, Harvard Business School.
  • Exceptional Coach Programme: the accredited coaching development programme that provides our business leaders with individual coaching accreditation at a professional level, with quality assurance. This programme has been developed internally with our business in mind and complements technical expertise in offering professional coaching to our people and clients.
  • Advanced Leader Programme: for high-level, experienced and customer-focused senior managers and directors. The programme enables participants to develop a more global perspective in serving clients, enhance their business acumen, more effectively manage client and employee relationships, and work to acquire international business. Participants will explore dynamic and challenging topics to boost their self-confidence in providing strategic and innovative solutions to our clients.
  • Emerging Leaders Programme: aimed at managers and senior managers who are recognised as future leaders by their companies, and designed to support cross-border collaboration and across service lines. Participants will network and collaborate cross-regionally, develop their understanding of the regional market and the role of the growth advisor, and improve the skills needed to lead diverse, successful teams and leverage individual strengths.

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