Giampiero De Angelis Partner - Ria Grant Thornton Napoli +39 081 76 17 160

Professional experience

With skills honed in a career spanning over 35 years in auditing field, Giampiero is currently a member of Board Committee.
He worked as an auditor at PriceWaterhouseCoopers SpA.

Main activities:

  • Audit
  • accounting and organizational consulting
  • Revision of ESF spending accounts
  • audit expert in medium/large commercial companies, industrial, manufacturing, service.

Intervention Economic sectors:

  • production companies and services
  • supermarkets
  • public and private health care facilities
  • public utilities
  • listed companies

Professional qualifications and memberships

  • He is a Member of Technical Consultants of the Court of Naples
  • He is a director in charge of Chartered Accountants of Naples for the period 2013/2016

He was:

  • Managing Director to the Discipline Commission
  • Managing Director to the Committees: Auditing Standards and Statutory Auditors, cooperation, cultural management companies, marketing firms and territories
  • Director of the College of Chartered Accountants of the Judicial District of the Court of Naples from 1999 to 2007
  • Director of the Foundation "De Divina Proportione" of Chartered Accountants College of the Judicial District of the Court of Naples
  • President of the Commission Accounting Principles, Auditing and Statutory Auditors of the College of Accountants of Naples
  • Member of the Editorial and the Executive Committee of the magazine "Accountant" (College of Accountants and Commercial Experts of Naples)
  • National Board of UN.I.CO - Italian Union of Accountants
  • Degree in Economics & Management at the "D'Annunzio Chieti Pescara" University