Audit & Assurance services have been designed to help you meet the challenges of managing risk, resources and information.

We use our own methodology and the latest  technological tools to provide customized services and advice tailored to the nature and circumstances of your business.
We combine the collective skill and experience of more than 18.000 audit professionals around the world to deliver services that are efficient and effective. 

Key Services


Accounting and audit standards continue to converge throughout the world. A specific assistance in accounting and auditing is fundamental for your business.

International audit services

We offer international audit services, for a subsidiary of an international holding company or investments in international companies.

International financial reporting standards (IFRS)

Transition to the IFRSs has involved and involves the adoption of a new cultural model in preparing financial statements, not just a simple accounting task. It is a change that extends beyond the traditional company borders, as new and different financial statement values must be illustrated to the market, institutional investors, and financial analysts, engaging all these stakeholders.


Ria Grant Thornton can help you to illustrate new and different financial statement values


Ria Grant Thornton can offer you international audit services